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ITG was founded in 2000 as a pioneer Internet operating and investment holding company primarily engaged in managing and operating a network of market makers and infrastructure service providers that enable B2B e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, its main project is the investment in the Jiang Xi property development project. 


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More About Us

The company has invested in companies such as Promedia Directories Pte Ltd, whose flagship product was The Green Book, Aithent Technologies Pvt Ltd, a international company that creates high-value solutions for the information management needs of government, insurance, banking and health care organisations around the globe, and Raccoon Co, Ltd, a Japanese B2B Internet company, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in April 2006. 

ITG entered into a joint venture with Crown Essentials Ltd in 2007 to acquire a 137,399.50 square meters (approximately 1479,000 sqft) piece of land in Nanchang County at Jiang Xi Province, China through Jiangxi Singapore Property Development Co. Ltd for a mixed-use development project. It is currently developing and marketing 17 residential condominium blocks and a shopping mall in the mixed-development project worth approximately SGD1 billion.


Charities and organisations supported


Investee companies to date

1479k sqft

Worth of current mixed-development project

S$1 Billion

Size of current land development project

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